Purple Doll

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Awake and Asleep Double Love Dolls for Kids.  Plush Baby Toys Cloth Rag Dolls. These Old Fashioned Fabric Baby Toys Are Pretty and Best Toys For Toddlers, 1 and 2 Year Old Boys and Girls, Babies and Newborns

New Product! Great Gift!


 Purple Doll – Awake and Asleep Rag Doll Plush Toy Double Love Doll

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Purple doll is a soft baby toy product from Kane Marketing is a great gift for your little one.  A cute cloth rag doll Safe For all Children.  These old fashioned fabric baby dolls for kids are pretty and best toys for both boy and girl toddlers, 2 year old, babies and newborns.

This is important – This doll is 1 15″ doll with 2 embroidered faces, one face is “Awake” and the other side is “Asleep”

So, these dolls are:

• Safety Tested
• Machine Washable
• Birth & Up
• 15″ Soft Plush
• Heart Doll: One side awake with hearts up, the other asleep with hearts down
• Embroidered Faces

New Product!  Makes A Great Gift!
Perfect for: Nursery, Baby shower, Hospital & more

Our mission is to provide a safe, adorable and affordable gift item for infants and young children.  Double Love is a patented, proprietary line of products that are affordable, high quality, safety tested and machine washable. The product line will provide consumers with a loveable, branded product that will stimulate a child’s imagination and encourage “play.”

Additional information

Weight.6 oz
Dimensions15 × 9 × 3 in