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Wholesale Orders Available – Awake and Asleep the Double Love Brand Of Cute Cloth Rag Dolls For Children: These Old Fashioned Plush Fabric Baby Dolls For Kids Are Pretty and The Best Toys For Both Boy and Girl Toddlers, 2 Year Olds, Babies and Newborns. Valentine’s Day Red Hearts Spring Easter Plush, Toddler Birthday Present, Baby Shower Gift, Baby First Doll, Plush toy for 1 year olds and 2 year olds. ¬†Grandparents LOVE this doll for their kids! We partner with Hope Squad Heroes helping kids!

Double Love Doll for Kids -The Loveable All Day And Night Doll. The Double Love doll is 1 15″ tall soft plush with 2 faces. An embroidered awake face on the front and a sleeping face on the back. Or, Hearts Up “awake” and Hearts Down “asleep.” Perfect for getting baby to bed. The Double Love doll is machine washable and safety tested for all ages.
Purple Pink Doll

Purple Pink Doll

Doll - Red Heart

Doll – Red Heart

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